T Bullet
頭割り人形 2.5mb
Aconite 9.8mb
Andromede 6mb
Pluto 7.4mb
Yell 4.9mb
Aurora 4.4mb
B-Attacker 9.7mb
Mayango 8.3mb
atom heart moggie 9.2mb
at emarya 1.7mb
at emarya pt2 28mb
Hidra 6.9mb
spring murder 7.3mb
spring redrum 5.7mb
Maya 11.4mb
allium 8.5mb
Tango Vietnamien 5.6mb
Understrike 7.6mb
Sundersonia 6.6mb
Chrimuca 5.8mb
Anaphylaxie G Cats 5.2mb
Age mo 5.6mb
Darkman 11.2mb 

ワイヌ舞曲 6.0mb
music for speed 3.9mb
tsuaf 5mb
そしていくうた 5.7mb
guitar イちまぃ
base EH-100☆
drum やきにく

Live performance
No title 14mb
I played the electric guitar
LY played the acoustic guitar
live 6.4mb
I played the drums
Solo performance for 24 minutes
人外境便り 22.6mb

Rock guitar solo of a curse
呪殺死滅 5.6mb

Collage work
焼き肉テロリストの犯罪 8.5mb